Sunday, 8 February 2015

Face Care Routine - Olay

Hiiii, so my facial routine uses practically only Olay products, but I think they're really great and I would most definitely recommend them!
Christmas was a long time ago but for one of the gifts I got from my beloved mother, was the Olay Regenerist advanced cleansing system. Sadly I threw away the packaging for this product, but inside the packaging includes the brush head (which is super soft), the skin perfecting cleanser (20ml), two AA batteries and the facial cleansing device (as shown in the pictures above). 

When the day is over and I'm getting ready for bed, I wipe the make up I had on that day with some make up wipes. My daily make up usually just consists of mascara and BB cream (sometimes foundation), so I don't really need that much cleaning of my face. But either way I like my face to feel fresh, so I'll wipe all that off and use the Olay essentials refreshing face wash. But every other day I'll use the Olay Regenerist cleansing system to deeply cleanse my face. Now on the packaging it says the system can be used daily but I found that in the first week of using it everyday, my skin began to flake and that was not good. I guess it was cleansing my skin a bit too deeply, so I started using it every other day to minimize this outcome. Also, everyone's always talking about how natural oils are good for your skin, so I don't want to completely rid my skin of these good natural oils!
After cleansing my face for about 60 seconds, I wash off the skin perfecting cleanser from my face and the brush and finish with my favourite moisturiser. I use the Olay essentials beauty fluid because it's not oily and moisturises my face very well!
If you're interested in buying these products then you can find them in high street stores such as Superdrug and Boots:) [Both stores have offers!]

So that's basically my face routine, I hope you enjoyed reading this post. 
Thank You for reading. 


Monday, 26 January 2015

Hair Care - Dry Shampoo

Batiste 'floral & flirty blush' 200ml

Superdrug 'Spirit of the Carnival' 150ml

Superdrug 'Floating on a breeze' 150ml
I wash my hair almost every other day, but most mornings I don't really have enough time to wash my hair (when needed) , but oh well who cares when you own dry shampoo. I guess this post is a review on the dry shampoo brands I have tried out, I hope you enjoy.

I only started using dry shampoo like a year ago after having my sister raving on about how convenient they are; so I eventually thought let me give it a try. Firstly, I went out and bought the Superdrug brand in the scent 'Spirit of the Carnival' [which smells like coconuts], because it was cheaper than the Batiste can and I thought it would have the same outcome as a branded one. But I was wrong. Although a good price at £1.99, the product made my hair dull, flat and everything I didn't want my hair to look/feel, not to mention the fact that it did not have a great scent either! I concluded that maybe it was just the scent that I didn't like and decided to go for the original scent 'Floating on a breeze'. I can't describe this scent to you in great detail, but believe me, it doesn't smell that great either. Yet again I was disappointed with the outcome of this can and decided to give up with dry shampoo; up until the other day. 

After having bad experiences with Superdrug dry shampoo,  I decided to try out the Batiste can to see if it were any different. I bought the 'floral & flirty blush' scent, which claims to revitalise hair, remove any excess oil: leaving your hair feeling "gorgeously clean and fresh with added body and texture". I was very impressed with the outcome of this product because it actually fulfilled its claims! It made my hair feeling as if I'd just washed it and had a much better scent to it than the Superdrug cans. I'd bought the smaller can, just in case I didn't like the outcome but I guarantee I will be returning to Superdrug to buy the 400ml can, once I've finished this one. [I now have two full cans of Superdrug dry shampoo's and I have no idea what to do with them lol. Oh yeah, and bear in mind I bought the Superdrug brand ones about a year ago so the ones you see in store and on line may look slightly different.]

Anyways, I really do enjoy using the Batiste dry shampoo, it handles my hair very well:) So yes I would highly recommend this product, Thank You for reading.