Monday, 26 January 2015

Hair Care - Dry Shampoo

Batiste 'floral & flirty blush' 200ml

Superdrug 'Spirit of the Carnival' 150ml

Superdrug 'Floating on a breeze' 150ml
I wash my hair almost every other day, but most mornings I don't really have enough time to wash my hair (when needed) , but oh well who cares when you own dry shampoo. I guess this post is a review on the dry shampoo brands I have tried out, I hope you enjoy.

I only started using dry shampoo like a year ago after having my sister raving on about how convenient they are; so I eventually thought let me give it a try. Firstly, I went out and bought the Superdrug brand in the scent 'Spirit of the Carnival' [which smells like coconuts], because it was cheaper than the Batiste can and I thought it would have the same outcome as a branded one. But I was wrong. Although a good price at £1.99, the product made my hair dull, flat and everything I didn't want my hair to look/feel, not to mention the fact that it did not have a great scent either! I concluded that maybe it was just the scent that I didn't like and decided to go for the original scent 'Floating on a breeze'. I can't describe this scent to you in great detail, but believe me, it doesn't smell that great either. Yet again I was disappointed with the outcome of this can and decided to give up with dry shampoo; up until the other day. 

After having bad experiences with Superdrug dry shampoo,  I decided to try out the Batiste can to see if it were any different. I bought the 'floral & flirty blush' scent, which claims to revitalise hair, remove any excess oil: leaving your hair feeling "gorgeously clean and fresh with added body and texture". I was very impressed with the outcome of this product because it actually fulfilled its claims! It made my hair feeling as if I'd just washed it and had a much better scent to it than the Superdrug cans. I'd bought the smaller can, just in case I didn't like the outcome but I guarantee I will be returning to Superdrug to buy the 400ml can, once I've finished this one. [I now have two full cans of Superdrug dry shampoo's and I have no idea what to do with them lol. Oh yeah, and bear in mind I bought the Superdrug brand ones about a year ago so the ones you see in store and on line may look slightly different.]

Anyways, I really do enjoy using the Batiste dry shampoo, it handles my hair very well:) So yes I would highly recommend this product, Thank You for reading.